As the name suggests, The Silicon Valley Wine Company is located in the heart
of the high-tech world. But long before it became famous as Silicon Valley, the Santa
Clara Valley was one of California’s oldest, best known wine regions.

Owners Jason and Janu Goelz created the SVWC to marry that rich wine-growing
history to today’s forward-looking tech enterprises. The resulting fun, hip projects,
apps, and bottlings are redefining the area’s 160+ year old wine industry.


 Jason–Stephens Winery
Jason-Stephens brings a fun approach to traditional Bordeaux varietals, as well as their “Tech Inspired” labels (ONES and ZEROS and Pixelated). They creatively blend to highlight pure varietal character and “palate expanding flavor.” Jason’s goal is to create balanced wines that capture the varietal’s characteristics, while still maintaining structured, bold flavors and seamless textures.

The Stomping Ground

In 2016, Jason and Janu Goelz, in partnership with Tim Slater (Sarah’s Vineyard), purchased a vacant industrial property in Gilroy, on Brem Lane, just off Highway 101. They named the sprawling, seven acre site “The Stomping Ground” and immediately began transforming it. The Stomping Ground will soon to converted into the next ultimate food and wine destination. Long-term plans include having on-site restaurants, gourmet food artisans, multiple tasting rooms, community events and concerts. The possibilites are endless with the amount of space available at TSG. Jason-Stephens Winery was the first to open their tasting room doors in 2016. Following a year later, J Winston and Alara Cellars opened their tasting room in Fall 2017.

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